Comprehensive data management and delivery on demand.

ERDAS® APOLLO is a comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system. It enables organizations to organize and deliver massive volumes of data, and consistently delivers geospatial data faster and with less hardware than competing server-based products.


  • Configurable web service parameters give end users the power to control their imagery display, from basic contrast and brightness to fine tuning adjustments, from a thin web client.
  • Defence SIPS compliance ensures strict U.S. Defense requirements are met.
  • Full sensor model support provides on-the-fly ortho calibration and geometric correction.
  • Expanded format support for consistency with ERDAS IMAGINE.
  • Advanced monitoring and logging captures information about requests made to the server, generating insight into server activity for troubleshooting and security.
  • Geoprocessing services, new lightweight geospatial information services, return informational responses from customizable Spatial Models to answer an almost unlimited array of different geospatial queries. This service augments the existing WPS Geoprocessing service that focuses on generating new output products.
  • ERDAS APOLLO Connector for ERDAS IMAGINE provides better interoperability with ERDAS IMAGINE, letting users search the ERDAS APOLLO catalog using text, advanced and temporal criteria, and then load an image from the search result directly into the active IMAGINE viewer.

Other enhancements include:

  • Expanded database support and usage statistics for simplified multi-node enterprise deployment
  • Improved APOLLO Catalog WMTS delivery speeds
  • Advanced security to better support LDAP databases
  • Improved support for sub-image raster formats
  • Up to 500% speed increase with TIF, IMG, SID and NTF formats
  • Delivery of Spatial Modeler GMDX synchronous models as layers

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