With ERDAS IMAGINE®, you perform specialized remote sensing and spatial modeling to create new information. In addition, you can visualize your results in 2D, 3D, movie production as well as visualize them with map production. The core of ERDAS IMAGINE is designed to scale along with the production needs of your geospatial data. Optional add-ons by providing specialized applications are also available to enhance your productivity and potential. Available in three versions:

  • IMAGINE Essentials®: A powerful, low-cost image and LiDAR mapping and visualization tool that allows different types of geospatial data to be combined and quickly organized for projects. IMAGINE Essentials provides a robust set of tools for geocorrection, analysis, visualization, and map output.
  • IMAGINE Advantage®: A geographic imaging toolset that extends the capabilities of IMAGINE Essentials by adding more precise mapping with sensor model support and geospatial data processing functions. The IMAGINE Advantage level allows for Point Cloud editing and includes a complete set of tools to analyze data from imagery via mosaicking, surface interpolation, radar analysis, advanced image interpretation, and orthorectification.
  • IMAGINE Professional®:The most sophisticated software for geographic imaging, the Professional level of IMAGINE, includes complex hyperspectral image analysis, and advanced multispectral image classification and point cloud classification tools. It also includes graphical spatial data modeling, which is a unique capability for analyzing spatial data.
    The robust spatial modeler is a dynamic, graphical, spatial data modeling environment that provides real time feedback and previews. The modern interface includes extended analysis operators (including Point Cloud) as well as support for Python scripting. Authored models can be easily run in batch or published to a server (ERDAS APOLLO WPS).

IMAGINE Expansion Pack:

This new on-add combines seven (7) powerful add-on products into a single add-on with attractive prices for easier acquisition. The prerequisite is IMAGINE Advantage. Moving forward, the individual IMAGINE Expansion Pack add-ons will not be available for purchase. Existing customers will be excluded from this new arrangement. The IMAGINE Expansion Pack includes the following:

 IMAGE AutoSync ™ – Automatic image reduction from image

 IMAGINE DeltaCue – Exclusive tool for detecting changes to images

 PICTURE OrthoRadar ™ – Radar image reordering

 IMAGE NITF – Enhanced NITF file support tool

 IMAGE StereoSAR DEM ™ – Production of ground models from a radar image stereo

 IMAGE VirtualGIS® – Interactive 3D imaging, analysis and browsing

 Stereo Analyst for IMAGINE – Collection of three-dimensional features from stereo

Main new features of the latest version:

  • More than a dozen new photogrammetric Spatial Modeler Operators.
  • Additional new features include:
  • New resampling technique – LaGrange
  • WCS/WMS re-write (remove Java dependency) for thread safety
  • Access web services without using GeoServices Explorer
  • NITF format updates
  • Interoperability with M.App Studio
  • Improved display quality – Float data now defaults to 32767 bins
  • 3D Point Cloud measurement
  • More options for image chains – Save the style of image chains and enable SIPS-based display of image data.
  • Windows 10 Pro is supported.
  • More than 100 new spatial model operators.
  • More sensors supported for orthorectification, such as Sentinel-1 SAR data, KazEOSat-1 and -2, and GokTurk-1.
  • Efficient analysis of the publicly downloadable Copernicus program through a direct-read capability for Sentinel-2 13-band data.


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