The Company

GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS S.A. [GSH] is a Greek SME focused on the development Earth Observation Monitoring Solutions. [GSH] was established in November 2009 as the newest member of GEOSYSTEMS EU GROUP Member.

[GSH] has three main activities:

  • Acting commercially as Hexagon Geospatial and Hexagon Airborne Solutions authorized reseller and as consultant in Greece and Cyprus on subjects of Photogrammetrical, Remote Sensing, Geodetic and Environmental Monitoring projects working also with Big Data. [GSH] is focused on industrial projects covering added value services in the space market including Earth Observation and Navigation Applications, business development and Project Management support.
  • Participating in service projects, Enterprise Solutions/Smart M.Apps, Smart Cities/IoT Technology Trends.
  • Participating in R&D projects based on the above expertise.



[GSH] is an SME with 12 highly skilled engineers in the core team and a network of professionals engaged time by time on a project basis. [GSH] is working on commercial Environmental, Photogrammetrical, Remote Sensing projects and R&D projects for land management, crisis management and Spatial Data Infrastructure (INSPIRE Directive) implementations. [GSH] is deeply involved in Big Data and Data Fusion and Data Analytics techniques for National projects and establishment of infrastructure for spatial information (Metadata, Data Specifications, Data and Service Sharing and Monitoring and Reporting). Additionally, [GSH] holds extensive expertise in regards to operational requirements/scenarios definition in fields of data exchange/sharing in an interoperability manner.

Core Business/ Expertise:

  1. Remote Sensing and photogrammetry applications providing high level engineering and management consultancy in the space sector
  2. Big Data, Data Fusion and Data Analytics techniques, Engineering and Analysis as well as System and Software Engineering
  3. Airborne Lidar 3D monitoring techniques and applications, sensor calibration services
  4. Smart/Safe cities
  5. Blue/Green Growth – monitoring and applications
  6. GIS/WebGIS


[GSH] has an ISO certificate ISO 9001:2015 covering the products and services under the field of expertise.



[GSH] is a leading National provider of information technologies from 2009, that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications. After 2014, operates globally in high-value, high technology areas focusing on helping clients to exploit new technologies and management styles. Its proven expertise has been gained from performing a broad range of projects. The solutions integrate sensors, software, domain knowledge and customer workflows into intelligent information ecosystems that deliver actionable information used in a broad range of vital industries. The patterns of change shaping our world are so powerful that their implications go far beyond anything remotely similar in our past. Strengths in image exploitation, processing, visualization and geospatial data management to meet a broader spectrum of customer needs in today’s enterprise environment are more important than ever.

[GSH] team is committed to moving business and industry beyond predicting, preparing and adapting to influence the present and affect the future, and ultimately, narrow the chasm between what is and what should be.


European Presence

[GSH] is a member of European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC), Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI) and a funded member of the si-Cluster (Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster) since 2014.