Leica FCMS

Leica FCMS & Sensor Control Management System software performs a series of functions such as planning, guidance and flight monitoring for a large number of sensors. Read more..

Leica FPES

Leica FPES software offers advanced  διαθέτει ανεπτυγμένη functionality for flight plans of  RC30, ADS40, ADS80, και LIDAR ALS50, ALS60, ALS70 sensors but also for  frame, line cameras or on/off sensors.   Read more…

Mobile Alert

Intergraph Mobile Alert is a cloud-based service that provides access to registered institutions such as local governments or services of general interest in connection with incidents that have been recorded by citizens. Intergraph Mobile Alert is available to the public as a free iOS or Android application that allows problem/incident Read more…



GeoMedia® Smart Client is a GIS workflow management system that connects tasks and dependencies across different roles in a process, and dynamically configures to reflect a user’s role and specific workflow steps. End users are able to use advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map-based tools, disentangling them from nonessential tasks Read more…

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