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IMAGINE NoClouds software is an add-on module for ERDAS IMAGINE that offers processes to deal with clouds in Sentinel-2 satellite images. This product automatically generates high-precision cloud masks. Combined with Sentinel Made Simple (automatic Sentinel data download) and ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE (atmospheric and topographic correction), IMAGINE NoClouds becomes a complete cloud masking and data mosaic solution.



  • Cloud mask generation: high accuracy cloud masks in Sentinel-2 images for all types of clouds and cloud shadows.
  • Generation of cloud-free “time-mosaic” images by stacking images of different dates.
  • “Space-time mosaic”: stitching together several cloud-free “time mosaics” to generate a cloudless mosaic for a broader area (IMAGINE Advantage with the MosaicPro tool needed).
  • Get homogeneous images.
  • Save time and energy with an easy to use, fully automated process.
  • No pre-sorting of data necessary.
  • Provides a pixel history layer for each “time mosaic” which allows tracking back the images, each pixel is taken from.
  • The advanced algorithms are realized as a Spatial Model and implemented into ERDAS IMAGINE.

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