GeoMedia WebMap enables direct creation of interactive web maps by using the configuration and application creation tools provided in GeoMedia itself, eliminating the need for programming. Configure the layout of the web application interface and create user-defined queries

GeoMedia WebMap supports a broad range of customers who need to visualize and examine geographic data on the Web. From easily creating standards-compliant web services to providing sophisticated visualization and analysis within interactive webmapping applications, GeoMedia WebMap enables building powerful solutions for sharing your organization’s rich geospatial data.

Real World benefits of Geomedia Webmap :

  • Bring the power of geospatial processingto the web
  • Maximize the value of your geographic information
  • Give your users fast and easy access toyour geospatial data and functionality
  • Access and analyze data anywhere and anytime
  • Improve productivity
  • No programming expertise required
  • Based on industry standards
  • Proven performance scalability model
  • Create your own custom web application


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