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ATCOR Workflow (ATCOR stands for ATmospheric CORrection) is a software add-on for ERDAS IMAGINE®, providing a superior dehaze algorithm and also an easy-to-use user interface.

ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE replaces ATCOR for IMAGINE. ATCOR for IMAGINE is “freezed” with ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 and will not be ported to further versions.

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  • Fog and sparse clouds removal from visual satellite data.
  • Visual data with actual spectral value.
  • Display real feature elements of the scene.
  • Retrieval of surface reflectance, emissivity and temperature by atmospheric and topographic correction.
  • Fully automatic algorithm for statistical haze and cirrus cloud removal.
  • Fully integrated DEM preparation.
  • BRDF correction in rugged terrain.
  • More than 30 satellite sensors are supported, g. Sentinel-2, WorldView, SPOT, Pléiades, Landsat.
  • Ability to use metadata in Spatial Model through Dictionary Operator


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Stavros Chlorokostas
Surveying Engineer NTUA, Hexagon Geospatial Solutions Technical Support
       +30 2102846144-145

Konstantinos Fokeas
Surveying Engineer NTUA, ERDAS Technical Support Manager
       +30 2102846144-145

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