Comprehensive data management and delivery on demand.

ERDAS APOLLO is a geographic information system for archiving, processing, searching and disseminating geospatial and non-geospatial data, taking full advantage of their metadata. This GIS uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which provides the ability to publish, find and distribute any type of data over the Internet, while expanding to meet the needs of each organization



  • Integrated management of imagery and vector data and dissemination
  • Organizing geospatial and operational data in a central library and distributing them via cloud
  • Fast data sharing with less demanding hardware than competing products
  • Fully interoperable: it incorporates OGC standards
  • Full ECW support
  • Utilization of existing systems: possibility of integration with other GIS environments
  • Utilization of Spatial Models routines in the cloud – WPS


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