HxGN SafeRoads

Hexagon provides transportation safety engineers and analysts with an end-to-end solution for data ingestion, analysis, and reporting to help reduce traffic fatalities and improve road safety. HxGN SafeRoads enables data- driven decision-making for targeting and ranking safety improvements and reporting on project priorities.

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  • Seamless Fusion of Crash and Roadway Data
    Import crash data directly from the department of public safety with an automated process.
  • Automated Crash Data Cleansing
    Automated process validates and corrects the location or attributes of a crash record and adds it to the database.
  • Robust Analysis and Predictive Modeling
    Use Safety Performance Functions (SPFs), crash modification factors (CMFs), basic hot spotting, and cluster mapping.
  • Easy Report Generation For Funding Requests
    Ability to create standard reports from templates and custom reports that include business intelligence components.
  • Modular, Scalable Architecture
    Integrated set of modular tools and automated workflows.

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