GeoMedia® Smart Client is a GIS workflow management system that connects tasks and dependencies across different roles in a process, and dynamically configures to reflect a user’s role and specific workflow steps. End users are able to use advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map-based tools, disentangling them from nonessential tasks and focusing their time on their area of expertise. GeoMedia Smart Client completes your existing desktop GIS by opening your geospatial assets to a larger audience. Geospatial datasets and maps produced from a desktop GIS feed a Smart GIS with content while leveraging the advantages of a  web GIS to  deliver light and application-specific solutions to more users

Workflow Manager is a standalone product that is also a subset of GeoMedia Smart Client. Workflow Manager provides a rich toolset that lets you construct highly-focused business workflows that primarily support attributive data, but also may contain a spatial component.


Other Features:

  • Advanced geospatial data entry method that reduces the volume of data transferred from the server.
  • User friendly interface that reduces the cost of training new users.
  • Communication between client and application is done entirely through Web Services using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology. An installation supports an unlimited number of users in the office and in the field.
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL support.


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