HxGN Smart Census

HxGN Smart Census is a client-server software platform developed primarily for census completion. Combining traditional GIS functionality with a powerful workflow and workforce management tool, HxGN Smart Census provides a total solution for each stage of the census cycle: Pre-enumeration mapping, digital enumeration, and post-enumeration dynamic mapping.

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HxGN Smart Census consists of three modules, with each module corresponding to a cycle of the census. You can select individual modules to customize your census workflows, or select all modules to utilize the complete, connected solution.

  • Pre-Enumeration Mapping
    Pre-Enumeration Mapping combines imagery base maps and GIS functionality with a powerful workflow and workforce manager for you to create or maintain census enumeration areas (EAs). EAs represent the geographic area canvassed by a single enumerator.

  • Digital Enumeration
    Digital Enumeration facilitates the planning and execution of digital census enumeration. Data can be collected via multimode electronic data methods with components for Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI), Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI), and Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). Reduce your data processing time converting questionnaires from analogue to digital while benefitting from significant improvement in the data quality. HxGN Smart Census supports custom/bespoke questionnaires or integrates with third party software (CSPro, Survey Solutions).

  • Post-Enumeration Dynamic Mapping
    Post-Enumeration Dynamic Mapping delivers a web-based application to display and analyze census data using Smart M.App technology.

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