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GeoCompressor is a high-performance geospatial image and point cloud compression application that allows you to access our unparalleled compression technology.




  • Compress terapixel-sized imagery and point cloud files with billions of points.
  • Compress a batch of thousands of images into a single mosaic.
  • Update a region within an existing ECW v3 file, eliminating the need to recreate a mosaic to include new data.
  • Create multiple compressed output files clipped to polygon boundaries from a single mosaic.
  • Support for over 100 file types
  • Compressed output formats: Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) and JPEG2000 (JP2).
  • 64-bit system, compatible with Windows and Linux.


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Stavros Chlorokostas
Surveying Engineer NTUA, Hexagon Geospatial Solutions Technical Support
       +30 2102846144-145

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