IMAGINE UAV is an add-on for ERDAS IMAGINE® and derives automatically high-quality geoinformation from your UAV data.

The required products of an UAV survey such as point cloud, orthomosaic and digital elevation model are available within some hours. Afterwards they can be directly evaluated.

No photogrammetric expert knowledge is required to use IMAGINE UAV as the software algorithms (Agisoft PhotoScan) are very robust.


No more transitioning between vendors and packages for creating DSMs, point-clouds and mosaics for analytics. Bypass bottlenecks and issues with formats, projections, and more with a unified solution.

Repeatability, accuracy, efficiency, and fast data creation utilise the full potential of your hardware’s processing power.

Basically every sensor is supported by IMAGINE UAV. The given image orientation format can be freely defined as needed.

IMAGINE UAV offers a simplified graphical user interface. Besides there is the option to extend the “out-of-the-box”’ spatial model solution to produce additional customized value-added products and graphical reports that enable informed decision making.

Space-saving solution:
Geoproducts can be directly derived in a compressed format.

User, provider and manufacturer of UAV data benefit equally of the easy handling and high efficiency of the IMAGINE UAV workflow.




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