Geosystems Hellas is active presents great scientific competence and expertise in commercial projects upon the sectors of:

  • Remote Sensing and EO data exploitation
  • Photogrammetry and LiDAR data surveys
  • GIS analysis and Web-GIS applications


Indicative applications


Other successfully completed commercial projects by GSH

  1. 2010 : Hexagon Geospatial Lab Software Sale for OTE group
  2. 2011 : Dadia Forest Natura Area Fire Disaster Mapping using VHR Satellite Imagery Coverage for WWF
  3. 2011: DTM country coverage for Protergia
  4. 2012 : Smartplant for the coal mine of Megalopolis
  5. 2012 : Apollo WMS, WFS, WPS for the i-BEC, Interbalkan Environment Center
  6. 2013 : Hexagon Geospatial Photogrammetry Lab Software Sale for Department of Lands and Surveys, Cyprus Ministry of Interior
  7. 2012-13 : Bathymetric GIS maps for Greece and Mediterranean Region, for the Creation of Application and Supply of Equipment for the Interconnection of a Fisheries Monitoring Center for the PORT AUTHORITY BODY via COSMOS BUSINESS SYSTEMS
  8. 2012-13 : “Supply of equipment and software and creation of a web content management system” under the Action “Educational approach to natural disasters in the aspect of digital technologies” (Technological Educational Institute of Kavala),
  9. 2013-15:  MOA Greek Payment Authority of Common Agricultural Policy (C.A.P.) Aid Scheme, participation to : a) OPS 302037, Lot 7:  Integrated Mapping System with production and use of the country coverage of soil   maps & b) OPS 302037, Lot 6: Remote Sensing and photo-interpretation services for  agriculture  disaster policy
  10. 2014 : “AUTONEST – Automated Telemetric applications for operational monitoring in Nestos River Basin”, Web Geo portal. This project relates to the development of a Web Process Service (WPS), using models made in advanced desktop RS environment for Classification, NDVI, Flood model, etc.
  11. 2014 : InSAR Time Series with Atmospheric Estimation Model (InSAR TS + AEM), Pafos District, for the Geological Survey Department, time series SAR images 1992-2012
  12. 2014 : “FORMAZIONE CARTA TECNICA IN FORMA DIGITALE DELL’ ISOLA DI SANTORINI for the customer Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II Napoli
  13. 2014-2015 : Geoportal Upgrading and Geographic Information Systems Implementation in the Region of Crete
  14. 2015 : 10cm RGBNIR airborne Stereo Imagery Coverage and processes for the Integrated Information System for the Promotion of Cultural and Tourist Product of the Ionian Region, Islands using Information Technology and Communications, of the Operational Program/WEST GREECE-PELOPONNESE-IONIAN OF ISLANDS 2007-2013
  15. 2017-2018 : LiDAR & RGB 10 cm mapping for road construction in the Republic of Moldova via Obermeyer
  16. Ε65
    Geosystems Hellas undertook and successfully completed the survey of topographic background using LiDAR system in parallel with aerial photography, for the needs of flood protection works of areas of the Central Greece Highway “CENTRAL GREECE MOTORWAY CONSORTIUM Ε-65”.
  17. Austrian Archaeological Institute
    Geosystems Hellas successfully completed and delivered to the Austrian Archaeological Institute in February 2021 the products of 3D mapping of the wider area of ​​the archeological site of Aigeira. More specifically, GSH undertook the 3D imaging with LiDAR system and aerial photography and produced as final products: orthophotos and orthomosaic of very high resolution of the area, as well as classified and colored spot clouds. It is noted that the spatial resolution for the images is 5 cm while the density of points in the cloud is 15 points/m2.
  18. HMGS DSW700
    On Friday, October 1, 2021, Geosystems Hellas successfully completed the necessary procedures for the maintenance of the photogrammetric scanner Leica DSW700 at its facilities Hellenic Military Geographical Service (HMGS).
  19. European Sensor Systems S.A.
    Geosystems Hellas successfully completed the supply of software in the context of the development of an observatory system for integrated management of the coastal zone with remote sensing data for the Region of Central Macedonia. More specifically, it undertook the supply and installation of software for the operation of a Central Server, five Windows workstations and one Tiler workstation.
    Geosystems Hellas successfully completed, in November 2021, the services “Development of Information System for Documentation Recording and Analysis of Spatial Data” and “Mapping of the Evolution of the Evros River Delta with the Utilization of Satellite Imagery” for the Management Body of Evros Delta and Samothraki Protected Areas. In particular, in the first part of the contract, the software for processing geospatial data and paper composition was installed and configured on desktops and tablets. At the same time, the employees of the Management Body were trained in the above software and a user manual was delivered. In the second part of the contract, change maps were created for the period 2000 to 2020, using free and commercial satellite data. Finally, the staff of the Agency was trained in locating changes over time using these maps.
    In November 2021, Geosystems Hellas undertook the upgrade of the existing Hexagon Geospatial software of the Payment and Control Agency for Guidance and Guarantee Community Aid – OPEKEPE as well as the supply of new software.
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