New Remote Sensing and GIS for Education Programs

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Educational Program 2022


Are your students interested in a career in geospatial sciences? Now, you can provide them with the leading-edge technology they need to hone their analytical skills.

With Hexagon’s desktop-based remote sensing and GIS offerings, students will learn to:

  • Process large quantities of raw spatial information
  • Unearth insightful information from imagery, terrain, radar and LiDAR data sources
  • Create, update and analyze valuable geospatial information
  • Deliver dynamic analysis and mapping products

As trusted products used in academia for 40+ years, Hexagon’s desktop software has been helping students gain in-depth knowledge and develop the expertise to solve real-world challenges. A wide variety of organizations across the globe rely on Hexagon technology every day to help them understand the effects of our geography.

With creative and intuitive interfaces, smart workflows and automated technologies, students can apply geospatial science knowledge to a variety of disciplines, from the natural sciences to communications.

Remote Sensing for Education Program

Geographic imaging professionals need to process vast amounts of geospatial data every day. Diverse organizations use ERDAS IMAGINE to leverage their geospatial data investments

  • Land and urban planners monitor and support decision making for sustainable urban development in dense urban environments with changes.
  • Data producers use photogrammetric tools to streamline the rectification processing workflows, increasing the performances and the accuracy of the information generated.
  • Transportation analysts streamline the construction process and monitor infrastructure.
  • Defense analysts discover specific activities to support field operations and react to events quickly.

In the Remote Sensing for Education Program, students and instructors will gain hands-on experience in:

  • ERDAS IMAGINE Professional – graphical Spatial Model Editor for building and executing re-usable spatial recipes, multispectral image classification, hyperspectral image processing and point cloud tools
  • IMAGINE Expansion Pack – includes automated image-to-image coregistration (AutoSync), 3D visualization and analysis (VirtualGIS), wizard-based change detection (DeltaCue), orthorectifying Radar data (OrthoRadar), NITF support, extracting terrain from SAR images and stereo feature collection
  • IMAGINE Photogrammetry – analytical triangulation, orthorectify imagery, produce orthomosaics, and generate terrain models, including high resolution point clouds
  • IMAGINE DSM Extractor – generate digital surface models using Semi-Global Matching algorithms
  • IMAGINE Terrain Editor – edit terrain data draped directly over a stereo image pair
  • ERDAS ER Mapper – advanced image processing and compression capabilities geared toward oil, gas, and mineral industries

GIS for Education Program

Making a good map requires powerful analytical tools and clear symbolization. A wide range of organizations manage their geospatial feature and vector data with GeoMedia, a powerful flexible GIS management platform. For example:

  • Map production agencies and local, regional and national governments derive valuable information from multiple operations in conjunction with dynamic info on the fly.
  • Utility organizations can automate management of their network and infrastructure.
  • City officials get insight needed to reduce traffic and car accidents as well as improve 911 response time.

In the GIS for Education Program, students and instructors will gain hands-on experience in:


Classroom Licenses

Classroom licenses are concurrent (shared) and designed for use on site at universities. You may purchase annual subscriptions or permanent licenses.

Annual subscriptions with a quantity of 5 or more seats are eligible to receive the free student licenses for use off campus.

For permanent licenses, the university must purchase a software maintenance agreement each year to receive the annual student licenses for use off campus and technical support.


Please contact GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS S.A. for more information about the educational packages.


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