Smart M.Apps

Hexagon Geospatial offers dozens of specialized applications covering market needs from agriculture to security and crisis management.

Indicative Smart M.Apps applications:

M.App Reader M.App Reader: Browse, organize and view online data holdings in a modern and interactive map view. M.App Chest M.App Chest: M.App Chest makes it simple to house and manage high volume geospatial data. With our unique solution, you can get your imagery and point cloud data onto the cloud, and distribute securely with ease.
GeoApp.UAS GeoApp.UAS: Streamlined and elegant cloud-based processing workflow enabling robust photogrammetric processing on the cloud. GeoApp.UAS makes it easier for data collectors to process their data and to deliver information to their customers. M.App Chest is bundled with GeoApp.UAS. Slope Calculator Slope Calculator: Measure Terrain Slope and Aspect


Basic Change Detection Basic Change Detection: This app uses a patented change detection algorithm to compare two images captured at different times and produce an output image highlighting the change areas. Burn Ratio Index Burn Ratio Index: The Burn Ratio Index is an app that provides a measure of the severity of fire damage by comparing the difference in reflectance of the near infrared and short wave infrared bands.
Area Analyzer Area Analyzer: Interactively explore area-based data and share interactive reports. Incident Analyzer Incident Analyzer: Incident Analyzer provides an intuitive user-friendly environment for consuming and analyzing any type of incident data. Incident Analyzer uses the position, frequency, and temporal characteristic within your incident data to locate areas where the frequency of incidents is abnormally high. With Incident Analyzer, and just the click of a few buttons, you can create, manage, share, and host dynamic intelligence reports that depict meaningful spatial patterns in an interactive fashion.
Vegetation Health Index: NDVI (the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) is one of the most commonly used calculations to determine vegetation presence and health. The Vegetation Health Indicator Smart M.App computes the NDVI index from multispectral data that includes bands in the red and near-infrared light spectra and provides a result that can be used to determine crop health. Advanced Crop Health Index: Vegetation detection and assessment can be hampered by the presence of soil. The Advanced Crop Health Index will self-adjust to any soil present in the area being analyzed to provide a more accurate result. The Advanced Crop Health Index Smart M.App computes the Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (MSAVI2) and provides a result that can be used to determine crop health.


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