M600 GNSS Receiver

Like its sister device the M300, the M600 is designed as the multi-purpose sensor for different kinds of applications which need high accuracy positioning, but the M600 provides heading. With the unique design and the powerful integration ability, M600 provides the solutions to different kinds of moving carriers such as Read more…

M300 GNSS Receiver

M300 is designed as the multi-purpose sensor for different kind of applications. With the powerful integration ability, M300 provides the solutions for geodetic reference station, deformation monitoring system, machine guidance, harbor construction, land surveying, marine surveying and other related high accuracy requested projects. See more…

Leica RCD30 for UAV

The need for professional UAV-based precision map production is growing worldwide. For us and our associates, the solution of mapping using an unmanned aerial vehicle must be proven to be accurate and part of an automated process. Read more..

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