Rapid and operational estimation of post-fire burned areas using Sentinel 2 data: The case studies of Kythira and Saronida

Accurate estimation of post-fires burned area, has always constituted a significant objective for national and international environmental organizations. Nowadays, climate change and the continuous deforestation (particularly in southern Europe) require a fast but robust methodology that acquires data, process and ultimately enables governmental institutions to proceed with environmental policies such Read more…


Aerial Coverage of the Area of the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mt. Lykaion through ALS/LIDAR and High Resolution Imagery

The geometric documentation of a cultural heritage site is demanding task due to the complex morphology of the objects. The last years, more and more researchers have used new laser technologies and sophisticated computer vision techniques, mainly for terrestrial applications, with a complementary use of land surveying measurements. Although such Read more…


LiDAR and RGB airborne orthophotos coverage and visualization and recognition of archeological findings in Kephissos valley /Phokis

In 2016 the landscape archaeological program “Topographic investigations in the Kephissos valley (Phokis)” started as a joint collaboration of the DAI with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Fthiotida and Evrytania. The integrative collaborative program includes, besides archaeological investigations, aerial imagery (LiDAR, analysis of historical aerial photos), geophysical surveys and geomorphological Read more…

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