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ATCOR Workflow

ATCOR Workflow (ATCOR stands for ATmospheric CORrection) is a software add-on for ERDAS IMAGINE®, providing a superior dehaze algorithm and also an easy-to-use user interface. ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE replaces ATCOR for IMAGINE. ATCOR for IMAGINE is “freezed” with ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 and will not be ported to further versions. Read more…



IMAGINE NoClouds software is an add-on module for ERDAS IMAGINE that offers processes to deal with clouds in Sentinel-2 satellite images. This product automatically generates high-precision cloud masks. Combined with Sentinel Made Simple (automatic Sentinel data download) and ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE (atmospheric and topographic correction), IMAGINE NoClouds becomes a Read more…



GeoCompressor is a high-performance geospatial image and point cloud compression application that allows you to access our unparalleled compression technology.   Features: Compress terapixel-sized imagery and point cloud files with billions of points. Compress a batch of thousands of images into a single mosaic. Update a region within an existing Read more…

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