Geosystems Hellas hosted and participated in the Green Cluster on Cultural Heritage as TRIQUETRA partner

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On December 1st, at the revered Byzantine Museum, Geosystems Hellas hosted a significant event. It marked the launch of the Green Cluster on Cultural Heritage—a collective effort to protect cultural monuments from the effects of climate change. Consisting of six projects—TRIQUETRA, Thetida, Moxy, Stecci, GoGreen, and RescueMe—the gathering aimed to unify these initiatives toward a shared goal. Each project brings specific expertise to tackle the immediate threats faced by heritage sites. This inaugural meeting showcased a joint dedication to safeguarding our cultural heritage amid environmental challenges.

At the meeting, Betty Charalampopoulou moderated and welcomed participants. Presentations highlighted new technologies and impacts of various projects, including TRIQUETRA’s innovations, groundbreaking solutions from RescueME, insights from Stecci, THETIDA’s contributions, dynamic initiatives of Moxy, visionary approach of Greenart Project, and transformative efforts of GoGreen.

Notable guests honored the event with their presence and contribution to the meeting in their statements. The collective perspectives of Mr. Athanasios Gerakis, emphasizing collaboration and innovation; Ms. Irena Kowalczyk-Kedziora, highlighting EU policy alignment and societal impact; Prof. Eythimios Bakogiannis, stressing the relevance of cultural heritage and climate change in urban planning; and Prof. Konstantinos Karantzalos, underscoring the projects’ role in advancing telecommunications and digital technologies, weave a comprehensive narrative. Their insights form a cohesive tapestry, emphasizing the intertwined significance of collaborative innovation, societal resonance, environmental sustainability, and technological advancement within this project cluster.

Read the detailed article in TRIQUETRA project’s website here.

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