Geosystems Hellas participate in Project Plenary Forum of Pearls Project

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Syracuse, Italy – September 7, 2023 – Geosystems Hellas, a key partner in the Pearls project, showcased its dedication to environmental sustainability and geospatial innovation at the recent Project Plenary Forum (PPF) in Syracuse, Italy.

The work of Geosystems Hellas for the PEARLS Web-GIS platform was presented under WP4, showcasing their expertise in geospatial analysis and data interpretation enhanced project findings, inspiring innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

At the PPF, Geosystems Hellas shared insights and experiences at the Ferla Energy Community in Syracuse, Italy, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Their proficiency in geospatial heritage mapping also contributed to a holistic understanding of energy’s role in cultural heritage, aligning with the broader Pearls project goals.

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