Geosystems Hellas participates in the construction of the Greek EO optical cubesat SELENE

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Geosystems Hellas together with EMTEC Space P.C., ISD S.A., ΗΕRON Engineering, LEO Photonics, AUTH, UoA and HNA, will create the first Greek cubesat (CubeSat for Earth monitoring, high-Level Mission instrument), part of the Hellenic Space Dawn (ESA ITT AO/1-11498/22/UK/ND), which had its kick-off meeting early April. The project partners shall design, build, test, launch and operate the two HS-DAWN cubesats (CubeO-1 και CubeO-2). SELENE, one of the two cubesats, will carry a remote sensing imaging instrument for earth observation, with capability of 5 times a day revisit and 1 night-time acquisition. Geosystems Hellas is responsible for the ground segment as well as the processing algorithms and AI services for selected earth observation applications (mapping, change detection etc). Stay tuned for more! 

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