HARMONIA: Geosystems Hellas in the 2nd review and plenary meeting in Sofia and the DSS Visualization platform

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Geosystems Hellas (GSH) proudly participated in the 6th Plenary Meeting and the 2nd Review Meeting of the HARMONIA project, held on February 8 and 9, 2024, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event brought together esteemed partners and stakeholders, including the Vice Mayor of Sofia, Mr. BARBUTOR, and the Vice Mayor of Piraeus, Mrs. ZARAKELI, to assess the project’s progress and achievements.

At the meeting, GSH’s CTO, Christos Kontopoulos, and colleague Efthymios Magkoufis, presented the significant advancements made by the GSH team in recent months. Among the key accomplishments highlighted was the development of the HARMONIA DSS Visualization platform, a groundbreaking tool designed to enhance urban resilience through integrated decision support systems and geospatial data analysis.

The HARMONIA DSSs’ Visualization platform stands as a testament to GSH’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of urban hazard mitigation. By seamlessly integrating three Decision Support Systems (DSS) and a wealth of geospatial data, the platform empowers policymakers with actionable insights for effective risk management and response planning.

One of the core strengths of the HARMONIA DSSs’ Visualization platform lies in its ability to centralize diverse datasets and analytical tools, enabling stakeholders to assess and address various urban hazards comprehensively. From natural disasters to human-induced risks, the platform offers a holistic approach to urban resilience, fostering proactive strategies to safeguard urban communities and infrastructures.

The accompanying video demonstrates the creation of a scenario for the case of flash flood peril in a flood-prone area in Milan.

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