Geosystems Hellas, as coordinators of the OCEANIDS project, organized and participated in the two-days kick-off meeting.

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The two days kick-off Meeting of OCEANIDS took place on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 of December 2023 at Parthenon hotel in Athens. The event was organized by Geosystems Hellas, as a partner responsible of the coordination, exploitation and other technical tasks of the project.

During the meeting, all project partners had the chance to introduce their organizations, their involvement in the project and their scope of work. In addition, a really detailed presentation of the ports acting as end users of the Oceanids project, gave to the participants the opportunity to learn about their challenges and their needs.

On the 12th, notable guests honored the event with their presence and contributed to the meeting with their statements. After the morning welcome by the host, Mrs. Betty Charalampopoulou, Federico Porra from the European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation graced the event with an insightful welcome, emphasizing climate change policies. A presentation on OCEANIDS Vision by Mrs. Betty Charalampopoulou initially took place. This gave the audience the chance to have a 20-minute dive into the ambitious vision of OCEANIDS, laying a solid foundation for our endeavors. As the kick-off proceeded, representatives from various partners introduced themselves and their roles, fostering a deeper understanding of each other’s contributions. Moreover, Mr. Barrio Alonso, Project Management, shed light on crucial project management aspects, ensuring a streamlined approach. Then, an overview of WP1 and WP6 including their tasks was presented by the WP leaders. Representing GSH, Eirini Marinou provided a detailed overview of the project management aspects under WP1 and Giorgos Daskalopoulos shared insights into the exploitation strategies for the project. Esteemed members of the Advisory Board, Dr Sagi Dalyot, TECHNION, Crowdsourcing and citizen science on usability aspects of GIS, Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and environmental information and Dr. Giannakopoulos Christos, RESEARCH DIRECTOR, Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD), extended their greetings and shared their expertise, adding immense value to our discussions.

On the second day of our plenary, partners delved deeper into the heart of Oceanids project, exploring crucial components of the project. The second day started with the presentation of WP2, focusing on stakeholders’ identification and engagement. In addition, there was an engaging session on WP3 and WP4, discussing the core technology modules essential for data and services federation and curation as well as the development of user-driven tools and applications within Oceanids.

This was complemented by Christos Kontopoulos (GSH), who presented the actions for the implementation of the decision support system of Oceanids Project (DSS) that will be developed under the framework of the WP4. Moreover, he presented the WP5, which GSH is leading, regarding the OCEANIDS tools and applications in field validation activities.

The day ended in an open discussion where fruitful exchanges, encompassing diverse perspectives, took place. Questions and answers flew, sparking insightful conversations that enhanced our collective understanding and vision for the project’s trajectory.

Geosystems Hellas has the honor to coordinate a project like Oceanids. The Oceanids project is poised to significantly impact green and blue development through its innovative solutions, fostering sustainability and conservation practices within society. In addition to its societal influence, the Oceanids project is anticipated to contribute to the Copernicus coastal hub, enhancing data and insights crucial for coastal preservation and management.

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