Geosystems Hellas in Harmonia workshops at Ixelles

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Geosystems Hellas was present at the 13th and 14th of June in Ixelles to participate in the Internal HARMONIA Technical Workshop between GSH and the HARMONIA’s Ixelles partners that took place at the municipality’s House of Solidarity (Huis van de Solidariteit). Participants engaged in insightful discussions on various aspects of HARMONIA implementation, focusing on how the final HARMONIA services can effectively serve the municipality’s needs. The workshop proved to be an excellent platform for brainstorming ideas and exploring the potential use cases of HARMONIA within the local community.

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Additionally, GSH at the same time participated in the Citizens As Observatory (CAO) HARMONIA Workshop organized by the Municipality of Ixelles, which spanned two days, Tuesday, 13th June, and Wednesday, 14th June. The CAO workshops were held at three different public places: the Population Service, Ixelles Library, and Mundo-b Organization. The workshops aimed to engage citizens and gather their insights on the HARMONIA project, with supporting partners actively participating in the sessions.

The CAO workshops provided an invaluable opportunity for the community to contribute their ideas, concerns, and perspectives on the implementation of HARMONIA. By involving citizens in the discussion, the Municipality of Ixelles ensured that the project aligned with the needs and aspirations of the local population. The collaborative environment fostered during the workshops will undoubtedly contribute to the successful deployment and utilization of HARMONIA services within the municipality.


For more information about the HARMONIA project visit the Harmonia webpage

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