Geosystems Hellas participated at TRIQUETRA’s Second Plenary Meeting in Munich

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Geosystems Hellas, a pivotal partner of the TRIQUETRA project, participated in the second plenary meeting in Munich. On December 7, alongside esteemed partners, the team participated in dynamic discussions, fostering collaboration both in-person and remotely. The excursion at Roseninsel on December 8 provided hands-on insights into preserving cultural heritage amidst climate challenges. Geosystems Hellas’ active engagement underscores their commitment to safeguarding cultural legacy through innovative approaches within TRIQUETRA’s collaborative framework.

The first day of the plenary was dedicated to an exchange of insights and advancements across the various Work Packages (WPs). Colleagues from our company presented Geosystems Hellas’ progress on assigned tasks and work packages, particularly highlighting the demo of the Knowledge Base platform.

This platform, a key outcome of the TRIQUETRA project, seamlessly integrates a searchable literature review database with a webGIS, offering a detailed visualization of data associated with the project’s pilot CH sites, led by Anastasia Anastasiou.

Spanning two eventful days, the plenary served as a platform for progress reports, strategic planning, and engaging discussions. Additionally, the second day offered an immersive excursion to Roseninsel, featuring visits to historically significant sites.

For more visit TRIQUETRA’s website here.

Stay tuned for further updates as TRIQUETRA continues its journey, driven by innovation and collaborative expertise.

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