Geosystems Hellas participated in EGU2024

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At the recent European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2024 (EGU2024), held in Vienna from April 14th to 19th, Geosystems Hellas proudly showcased its contributions through engaging presentations and dynamic poster sessions that underscore its dedication to the field of heritage preservation.

On the first day of the conference, Christos Kontopoulos from Geosystems Hellas delivered a presentation on the Triquetra project, focusing on the Knowledge Base Platform—a tool developed by our team. This presentation was a pivotal moment for us, demonstrating our technical expertise and commitment to developing practical solutions in heritage conservation.

The following day, Mr. Kontopoulos attended a poster session where he showcased our ongoing work and achievements in the Triquetra project. This allowed us to further engage with other experts and stakeholders, sharing insights and discussing potential collaborations.

In addition to the Triquetra project, Geosystems Hellas coordinated a poster presentation for the OCEANIDS project, also on the second day. This poster detailed our role and progress in the OCEANIDS project, emphasizing our approach and the collaborative efforts to enhance oceanographic research and environmental monitoring.

Both presentations at EGU2024 allowed Geosystems Hellas to highlight our leading role in these international projects, demonstrating our expertise and ongoing commitment to advancing scientific research and sustainability.

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