Geosystems Hellas participated in the final meeting of the Co-Protect project

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The final meeting of the Co-protect project was completed at the Cultural Centre of Constantinople on 20 December. Geosystems Hellas as the responsible for the Task Module 7 (WP7), which was on the topic of Experimental Development and Operation, and as the responsible for the coordination of the demonstrations, in collaboration with the project’s sponsoring organization and coordinator, organized the live demonstrations of the pilot applications resulting from the project. One of the platforms was that of Geosystems Hellas. This sophisticated platform created was presented live through a dear partner of ours.

The presentation focused on the methodology developed by Geosystems Hellas for the management, sharing and visualization of geospatial data within the project. The GeoServer based platform is a key core for data management and sharing in all phases of urgent needs.

The interoperability and visualization approach presented allows for seamless data connectivity across all project modules, providing reliable solutions for managing and responding to emergencies. This solution can serve the important needs of relevant public and private agencies and organizations for interconnection, management and visualization of their geospatial data, offering a modern and easy-to-use technology solution tested in the demanding conditions of Co-Protect.

Geosystems Hellas expressed its strong satisfaction for the successful completion of the presentation and expresses its willingness to continue to contribute with passion and innovation to similar ambitious projects in the future.


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