Geosystems Hellas successfully organized an EUMAP workshop

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Day 1

Day 1 of the Workshop begun with a short welcoming and introductory statement from GSH. The day was dedicated to presentations by partners, aiming to showcase their relevant work and share best practices related to utilities-related human behavioral patterns within urban environments, both under normal conditions but also during times of crisis. The rapidly changing dynamics of energy and water consumption, as well as telecommunication traffic and waste generation, were highlighted and discussed. The presentations either summarized activities carried out during partners’ secondments, or focused on efforts carried out in the context of pertinent tasks and deliverables. Day 1 ended with an open discussion, during which partners had the chance to comment on the subjects presented during the presentations and exchange ideas for future actions.

Day 2

In the second and final day of the workshop, partners had the opportunity to brainstorm regarding issues that they are faced with, report their progress on ongoing tasks and deliverables, all the while aiming to finalize decisions on future actions.

A presentation by ALMA, regarding the progress of data collection efforts and issues with data unavailability (in which an initial demo of the eUMaP platform was also showcased), encouraged an open discussion on issues that need to be addressed. Some key takeaways included:

  • The list of software that will be used to materialize the eUMaP platform needs to be finalized before relevant decisions can be made.
  • Issues regarding data unavailability in some of the demonstration cities need to be addressed with urgently. As an alternative, new blocks of buildings or cities need to be chosen.
  • The possibility of including non-residential building in the project needs to be investigated.


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