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Mobile MapWorks Essentials

Mobile MapWorks Essentials

Mobile MapWorks Essentials enables you to use your mobile tablet to update your directly from the field. Downloadable as an iOS, Android™ and Windows app, field personnel can use Mobile MapWorks to view and edit feature attributes or make simple changes to feature geometry, given reference data overlays.

User experience

  • Graphical interface customized for display on smaller screens, such as phones.
  • No zoom limits when using OpenStreetMap backdrops lets you magnify assets that are located within meters of each other.
  • Reference your data against consumer Google Maps or Bing Maps.

Technology advances

  • Supports Geography Markup Language (GML) v 3.1.1, Web Map Service (WMS) v 1.3.0, Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) v 1.0.0, Web Feature Service (WFS) v 1.0.0 and v 2.0.0 interface specifications.
  • Complex geometry types are now supported for G/Technology, meaning there are no longer any limitations when using G/Technology data in field workflows.
  • Windows 10 Pro platform support.
  • Survey grade accuracy using Leica’s Zeno 20 hand-held, Android-based GPS device. This means you can inspect and document assets to within 1 meter accuracy.

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