Participation of Geosystems Hellas in CO-PROTECT project

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The changes observed in the environment in recent years with a rapid increase and the intensity of natural phenomena, due to climate change, can often pose a threat to ecosystems and their local societies. Taking into account the scope of the disasters, but also the global nature of the problem, it is deemed necessary to highlight solutions that strengthen the cooperation between key bodies for managing and dealing with natural crises, companies active in the sector, as well as specialized research centers.

The “Cooperative Formation of Interoperable and Holistic Civil Protection Systems”, “Cluster of Interoperable and Holistic Civil Protection Systems”, (CO-PROTECT), as a coordinated effort of 22 technological companies in Greece, aims to bring together and upgrade products, systems and services concerning the management and response of natural disasters, environmental crises and civil protection emergencies, in the eligible field of activity (thematic field) Environment & Sustainable Development – Climate Change.

These solutions concern and aim at strengthening the capabilities and capacities of the agencies involved in both preventing and dealing with a crisis, their communication, the exchange of information, and finally strengthening their cooperation. The integration of these products and solutions, as well as the interoperability of these solutions and the systems used by these above agencies, is also a key and important goal of the project.

In this direction, the contribution of scientific research organizations (EKEFE Dimokritos, ITE, EPISEY, NTUA, EKETA, EAA, AUTH), helps the above partners in terms of methodological approaches, excellence and integration of cutting-edge technologies, based on their research experience.

The main target market consists of organizations and bodies that operate and deal with 4 main sectors (earthquakes, floods and extreme weather events, forest fires, critical infrastructure protection), in which the existing products, services and solutions of the participating companies , evolve, combine and become more competitive to contribute to the new era leading to digital transformation. Indicative at the national level: Civil Protection and emergency management agencies such as the Ministry of Civil Protection, Ministry of Citizen Protection, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Fire Brigade, Hellenic Police, National Center for Immediate Assistance, General Secretariat of Civil Protection, Regions and Local Authorities that manage buildings and facilities such as schools, Hospitals, sports centers, assembly areas, public buildings, etc., Vital Infrastructures (e.g. Airports, Ports, Motorways, energy and gas production-transportation-distribution infrastructures High-risk industries, etc.

Another important goal is to create an infrastructure that will enable continuous demonstration of these integrated solutions of the participating companies, so that natural and man-made disaster response technologies can be demonstrated in a realistic environment. The creation of this infrastructure will be carried out in collaboration with the Relief Agency (EPISEY) of the Disaster Resilience Innovation Cluster – Defkalion (DRIC Defkalion), whose members are the companies of CO-PROTECT. This coordinated effort will help to cover possible weaknesses of the existing products, giving new dynamics by utilizing the existing and new highly specialized personnel, in an interdisciplinary effort, giving a competitive result in a very wide market. The products and services that will be developed have a particularly wide scope as described below.

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