GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS Newsletter for Q2 2023

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We are delighted to bring you the latest news and updates from GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS! Over the past four months, our team has been actively participating in various events, conferences, and projects, showcasing our expertise in remote sensing, geospatial solutions, and earth observation.

Here’s a recap of some of the key highlights:


🌐 GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS Joins German Hellenic Chamber for 2023 🌐

We are proud to announce our membership in the German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce, leveraging our offered expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation to expand our activities.
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🛰️ Participation in Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE) 2023 🛰️

GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS actively participated in JURSE 2023 in collaboration with the Hellenic Association of Space Technology & Applications Industries – EVIDITE. The event, held in Crete, Greece, showcased our commitment to advancing urban remote sensing technologies.
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🚀 Sponsorship of “Career Day in Space Technologies, Applications, and Services Made in Greece” 🚀

As a sponsor of this event organized by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, we demonstrated our support for the next generation of space technology enthusiasts.
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🏢 Host of Post-2025 Working Group 🏢

We had the honor of hosting the Post-2025 Working Group, bringing together participants from around the world to discuss the future of remote sensing and earth observation.
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💡 Participation in DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION – Construction Technology ExpoForum 💡

GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS showcased its pioneering role in remote sensing and earth observation at this event held in Peristeri.
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🛡️ Inclusion in the Hellenic Defence Industry Catalogue 🛡️

We are proud to be featured in the prestigious Hellenic Defence Industries Catalogue, emphasizing our contribution to the strategic areas of defence and security.
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🌍 Participation in EXPANDEO 2023 🌍

At the Annual Conference of EARSC, we engaged with industry leaders, experts, and policymakers to explore valuable perspectives and insights in the field of Earth Observation.
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🛰️ GSH participation in Digitization of the HMGS Chronological Archive of Aerial Photographs🛰️

GSH, in collaboration with COSMOS , carries out the project “Digitization of the Chronological Archive of Aerial Photographs of the Hellenic Military Geographical Service – Development and Provision of Digital Services” of the Action: “Digitization of the Chronological Archive of Aerial Photographs of the Hellenic Military Geographical Service – Development and Provision of Digital Services”.
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🛰️ ESA-Backed CubeSat Mission 🛰️

Selected by ESA, we are part of a consortium developing CubeSat missions, including connectivity and secure communications services. Learn more.


📐 Leica Equipment Training 📐

We received exclusive training on the latest Leica DSW700 photogrammetric scanners, strengthening our geospatial solutions capabilities.
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🏛️ Contribution to RSCY 2023 #CYPRUS 🏛️

We actively supported the Ninth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment in Cyprus, presenting scientific oral presentations and posters.


📚 FPCUP Summer School 2023 📚

Our company participated in the FPCUP Summer School 2023, where the objectives and goals of the Triquetra project were presented.
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Project’s News


📢 D^2EPC Project Achievements 📢

The Exploitation workshop under the D^2EPC Project took place on Wednesday, 15th March from 16:00 – 19:00 (Europe/Athens) at the Technical Chamber of Greece/Section of Central Macedonia. We are excited to share that the workshop was a great success, with participants engaging in valuable discussions and insights.

We are also pleased to announce that we actively participated in the 7th Plenary meeting of the D^2EPC in Berlin. Our representative, Christos Kontopoulos, had the opportunity to demonstrate the project’s progress and share valuable insights with our esteemed project partners.

The D^2EPC Project concluded its final plenary meeting with resounding success. Hosted by the partner of the project DΕMO, the two-day meeting on July 12th and 13th brought together representatives from leading organizations, including Geosystems Hellas (GSH), to discuss and celebrate the remarkable advancements achieved in Task 7.4.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 EPIPELAGIC Project Achievements 📢

The Final Exploitation workshop under the EPIPELAGIC Project took place on Thursday, 16th March from 16:30 – 19:00 (Europe/Athens) at the Technical Chamber of Greece/Section of Central Macedonia. We are delighted to share that the workshop was a resounding success, with participants engaging in insightful discussions and knowledge sharing.

Additionally, the final Epipelagic training workshop on Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Environmental Monitoring successfully brought together experts, researchers, and students. The event focused on highlighting the significance of comprehensive coastal management strategies for environmental preservation and sustainable development.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 CO-PROTECT Project Participations 📢

Geosystems Hellas actively participated in the CO-PROTECT project, addressing the challenges posed by rapid environmental changes and the increasing intensity of natural phenomena resulting from climate change. These changes often pose significant threats to ecosystems and local communities. With a keen understanding of the global nature of the problem, the CO-PROTECT project aims to develop comprehensive strategies to mitigate the impact of disasters.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 PEARLS Project Workshop 📢

Geosystems Hellas successfully organized a workshop on Paros Island as part of the “PEARLS” project. The workshop commenced with the participation of Mayor Markos Kovaios and Deputy Mayor Mike Leontis in Parikia, Paros. This significant event was conducted within the framework of the European project PEARLS, involving engineers, sociologists from the University of Seville, the University of Trento, and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, along with companies from Greece and Portugal.

Additionally, Ana, a partner from Geosystems Hellas, delivered a compelling lecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on energy cooperatives in Europe. She introduced Coopernico, an member, and discussed the concept of energy democracy, emphasizing the importance of cooperation for sustainable energy models, aligning with the objectives of the PEARLS project.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 SAFE PORT Project news📢

We participated in the 6th Greek Space Café with two speeches, discussing the SAFE PORT project within the framework of SPACE 4.0. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our contributions to the space industry!

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 SELENE Project Participations 📢

Our company, Geosystems Hellas, is proud to be part of the construction of the Greek EO optical CubeSat, SELENE. Alongside EMTEC Space P.C., ISD S.A., ΗΕRON Engineering, LEO Photonics, AUTH, UoA, and HNA, we are collaborating to create the first Greek CubeSat for Earth monitoring, a high-Level Mission instrument. This project is part of the Hellenic Space Dawn (ESA ITT AO/1-11498/22/UK/ND) initiative, which had its kick-off meeting in early April.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 Harmonia Project News 📢

  • Geosystems Hellas in Harmonia Workshops at Ixelles

We were right there, making waves on June 13th and 14th in Ixelles! Geosystems Hellas proudly engaged in the Internal HARMONIA Technical Workshop, a dynamic collaboration between us and the HARMONIA’s Ixelles partners. The event took place at the municipality’s House of Solidarity (Huis van de Solidariteit). Dive into the details here!

  • Participation in the 5th HARMONIA Consortium Meeting in Heraklion, Crete

The excitement was palpable as Geosystems Hellas (GSH) participated in the much-anticipated 5th HARMONIA Consortium Meeting. Set against the backdrop of the renowned Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) in Heraklion, Crete, the two-day event drew leading experts and technical partners from diverse organizations. Together, we delved into the progress and charted the future directions of the HARMONIA project. Relive the moments here!

  • GSH Presents at RSCy 2023 Conference in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

We had our spotlight moment in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, during the RSCy 2023 conference. We proudly presented our scientific paper, penned in collaboration with fellow HARMONIA partners. The paper, titled “A NOVEL WEB-BASED DECISION SUPPORT TOOL FOR ENHANCING URBAN RESILIENCE AND SUSTAINABILITY,” showcased our dedication to pushing the boundaries of urban development. Relish the achievement with us!

  • 2nd HARMONIA Advisory Meeting Recap (30 May)

Connecting virtually on May 30th, we shared our strides and accomplishments in the 2nd HARMONIA advisory meeting. Our goals came to fruition, and the meeting solidified our commitment to collaborative success.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 PROION Project Update 📢

Collaborative Achievement: Abstract Submission for SPIE

Marking a milestone on May 2nd, Geosystems Hellas (GSH) joined hands with the University of Patras to craft an abstract for a scientific paper titled “A Web GIS platform for critical infrastructure monitoring within the ‘PROION’ project.” The abstract was submitted for the SPIE conference, underscoring our commitment to innovative critical infrastructure monitoring.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 TRIQUETRA Project Participations 📢

We made significant contributions to the TRIQUETRA project and actively participated in various fieldwork expeditions and plenary meetings. Here are some exciting highlights:

  •  RSCy 2023 Conference Presentation

Our company, GSH, presented the scientific poster of TRIQUETRA at the RSCy 2023 conference in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, showcasing the project’s advancements.

  • Conclusion of 1st Plenary Meeting

The TRIQUETRA project’s 1st Plenary Meeting, successfully concluded on June 19, marked significant progress and future programming. Esteemed institutions, including Sapienza University, Geosystems Hellas, The Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, and the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), collaborate to explore Epidaurus, Kalapodi, and the ancient Temple of Apollo, delving into the mysteries of the past.

  • Exploring Epidaurus and Aegena

The expedition in Epidaurus commenced on July 10, with partners joining forces to conduct captivating fieldwork in this region abundant with historical treasures.On July 13, the exploration continued on Aegina Island, where the team conducted fieldwork in the ancient Temple of Apollo, unraveling the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic structure.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 EUPOLIS Project Participations 📢

Geosystems Hellas actively participated in the EUPOLIS project and made significant contributions. Here are some remarkable highlights:

  • Presentation at RSCy 2023 Conference

In April, our representative, Eirini Marinou, presented a web-based application for the spatiotemporal monitoring of the impact of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) on the urban environment and the wellbeing of citizens: “The EUPOLIS Visualization Platform” under the EuPOLIS project (GA 869448). The presentation was delivered during an oral session at the RSCy 2023 conference in Cyprus.

  • Participation in the 5th Plenary Meeting

Geosystems Hellas was thrilled to attend the 5th Plenary Meeting of H2020 euPOLIS Project in Gladsaxe, Denmark. Our representative, Eirini Marinou, showcased the project’s advancements and actively engaged in fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange with other project partners.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 EUMARS Project Presentations 📢

We are thrilled to share our recent project presentations at two prestigious events:

  • RISE-SD 2023 – Research and Innovation Symposium for European SECURITY and Defense

We showcased the EUMARS project at the RISE-SD 2023, a prominent event focusing on research and innovation in European security and defense. Our presentation highlighted the project’s contributions and advancements in this crucial domain.

  • CYPSEC 2023 – Cyprus Defence & Security Conference

In another significant event, we presented the EUMARS project at CYPSEC 2023, a conference dedicated to Cyprus’ defense and security matters. The presentation underscored the project’s role in enhancing defense and security capabilities.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 COMPOLIVE Project 📢

GSH actively participated in a workshop on the management of olive oil waste held in the Region of Crete on May 16, 2023.

In addition, our team, including I.N. Papadimitriou, D. Louloudakis, I. Daskalakis, G. Charalambopoulou, and T. Manios, presented a paper titled “Comparison of three algorithms for tree crown area and available pruning biomass monitoring” at the EGU General Assembly 2023 in Vienna, Austria, held from April 24 to 28, 2023.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 HEART Project Plenary 📢

The HEART project held its first in-person plenary in Athens from May 31 to June 1, hosted by NTUA. Geosystems Hellas (GSH), as the leader of WP8 “Exploitation Activities, Route to the Market and Project Sustainability,” presented the current progress related to the future exploitation of the project’s main exploitable outcomes. A special focus was given to the recently held Horizon Results Booster Platform Workshops.

Furthermore, GSH has taken the lead in all activities concerning the acquisition and inventory of necessary datasets for the project’s analyses. Additionally, GSH played a pivotal role in the successful deployment of various tools developed within the HEART project.

Throughout the plenary, GSH shared updates on deployment and data acquisition activities, addressed possible risks and obstacles, and outlined future plans to ensure the successful completion of relevant tasks and activities.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 XYLELLA Project Kick-off Meeting 📢

On May 10, 2023, Geosystems Hellas participated in the kick-off meeting of the XYLELLA project. This significant event marked the beginning of our collaboration and efforts in addressing the challenges posed by Xylella fastidiosa, a harmful plant pathogen affecting various crops.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


📢 EYE project news 📢

Our company participated in the 2nd Annual Meeting and Summer School of the EYE Project, held from 5 to 7 July at the Institute of Spatial Management of the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wroclaw. This dynamic event, which embraced both face-to-face and online participation, facilitated valuable collaboration between project partners. The meeting included insightful presentations covering current research, project progress and future plans.

Learn more about the project by clicking here.


We are grateful for the opportunities to showcase our expertise, collaborate with industry partners, and contribute to cutting-edge advancements in the field of geospatial solutions. We remain committed to providing innovative and top-notch services to our clients and partners.

Geosystems Hellas wishes you a good Summer

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS in the future!

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